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Passenger Terms & Conditions

Car Track Day Registration Form (MSV06)
You must read and agree to the following declaration as a condition of your participation in any track day at the Venue. In consideration for being permitted to participate in this track day by MotorSport Vision Limited (“MSV”) I accept, agree and confirm that:

1. I am familiar with the nature of the activity I wish to undertake and accept that, despite MSV taking all reasonable precautions, damage or injury may occur. I accept these risks and take part in the activity at my own risk.

2. I am competent to take part, I am not taking any drugs (whether prescribed or otherwise) that may impair my ability to take part and I do not suffer from, and have no history of, any medical condition that could affect my ability to take part in this event.

3. I will satisfy myself (by sighting lap or otherwise) before taking part in any on track activity and the track is acceptable to me with regard to its features and physical layout.

4. I have read, understood, agree and will comply with the track regulations and supplementary regulations and I will promptly comply with the instructions and directions given by the organisers and instructors and any other representative of MSV at all times whilst attending at the Venue. In the interests of safety the organisers or instructors may exclude me from further participation in the activity if they think I am driving recklessly or dangerously. I am aware that other participants will be on the track at the same time as me.

5. I hold a full valid road driving licence appropriate for the vehicle I intend to drive and have produced it to MSV for inspection.

6. The vehicle I intend to use is safe, complies with any relevant regulations (including without limitation relevant track regulations) and is fit to use for the purpose(s) for which I have attended the Venue. Any in-car camera or other equipment is safely and securely attached, using bolt-on mounting systems specifically designed for that purpose (not suction or other temporary mountings). I understand that MSV’s insurance does not cover damage to my vehicle (whether controlled by me or any other person) during this activity, and that MSV recommend that participants procure their own track day insurance. The use of my vehicle is entirely at my risk and I accept responsibility for any damage caused to my vehicle (whether controlled by me or any other person).

7.  I understand that as a driver, if I decide not to attend the event, no refund will be given, if the refund is within 1 month of the date of the event - I understand that this slot has been specifically reserved by me and EA will be unable to fill the slot with such a short timescale.  In the event that I cancel before 1 month, there will be a £10 administration charge deducted from the original amount paid to cover the administration costs of processing my entry.  

8.  Passenger ride vouchers are non-refundable.  In the event you decide not to attend the event, no refund will be given.

9. If I use, or intend to be a passenger in any vehicle(s) provided by any third party for any part of the activity I will satisfy myself that each such vehicle is acceptable to me and if applicable that I am fully comfortable and confident in my abilities to operate it competently and safely.

10. I understand that I shall be liable for any damage to MSV’s property (including any MSV vehicles) caused by my reckless or dangerous driving, and shall pay to MSV an amount equal to the cost of any resulting repair or replacement.

11. I shall wear seat belts or harnesses at all times whilst in a vehicle and a properly fastened crash helmet at all times whilst on the circuit.

12. No claim of any kind arising from my own negligence, error or omission or otherwise (including without limitation in respect of any damage to any car or other equipment I intend to use at the event) shall be made by me, my guests or on my behalf or on behalf of any of my dependants against MSV, JPM Limited, the organisers, any instructor(s) or any company or organisation connected with the event (each a “Relevant Person”) or any of their respective employees, agents or assistants, or any other participant in the event.

13. Neither MSV nor any other Relevant Person shall be liable for any loss, damage, claims, costs, expenses, injury or demands suffered directly or indirectly by me as a consequence of my attendance at or participation in this Activity provided that nothing in this form shall exclude any Relevant Person’s liability for personal injury or death caused by its negligence. I shall reimburse MSV and other Relevant Persons against any loss or liability suffered by them as a result of my error, default, act or omission.

14. MSV may take photographs and/or video footage of me during this event and MSV may use such photographs or footage (including my likeness and image) for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice or payment.

15. Any material filmed or recorded by me at the Venue is for personal use only and is not for broadcast (whether for commercial reasons or otherwise) on any public transmission media anywhere in the world (including but not limited to internet, terrestrial, cable or satellite), and I agree to pay MotorSport Vision the sum of £25,000 if any material filmed should appear on such media.

To be completed if participant is under 18 years of age: You must read the declaration made by the Participant above and agree to the terms below which create obligations on you in consideration for the Participant taking part in this activity. By signing, you accept, agree and confirm that you are the lawful parent or guardian of the Participant and, having read and understood this form, you consent to the Participant taking part in this activity. You further agree to indemnify each Relevant Person (as defined in paragraph 10) in respect of any claim brought against such Relevant Person as a result of the Participant’s involvement in the activity (save in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Relevant Person’s negligence).
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